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Double Trouble (G/t Pt 1)
  I push through the leaves with no hesitation. I don't bother looking behind me. I can hear it. Every detail seems so clear. The rhythm of its footsteps as it advances towards me. I swear i can feel its warm, ragged breath run down my neck. Whatever it is it's gaining on me. Every step i take it takes two.
  I stumble over sticks and logs. Whatever you would call the threads attached to a band around my waist are what's left of my leggings.It feels like I've been running for hours though it's only been a few minutes.
  These woods seem to be endless.My legs ache and I don't think I can go on any longer.  Everything looks the same. I dash to my right without thinking. The tears stream from my eyes. I swerve through tree after tree, through bush after bush. I raise my hand up to my face to stop my tears that seem endless-that was a mistake.
  I can feel myself fly through the air as if i weighed nothing, but before i make contact with the earth waiting for me ti
:iconprincessunikitty2468:princessunikitty2468 1 2
Life Is Short, So Am I (Pt.2)
  Lilly took a seat in the middle of the bus, luckily we are one of the first stops so there weren't many people but being 4.5 inches tall you get popular real fast if you know what i mean. As soon as we sat down Lilly continued on about supernatural so i just sat in her giant fleshy platform you call her hand and pretended to listen while i looked out the window. Being my size puts a weird spin on life. At times my size difference can be a bit tedious having to put way more effort into everyday things then everyone else. But it can also be amazing I can see more detail in little things like the grains of a piece of wood or the prints in someone's hand because i usually find myself in them a lot. As i was thinking i started absentmindedly tracing the lines and grooves on Lillys palm just as soon i felt a slight push on my right arm pulling me out of my trance. I craned my neck to see lillys olive green eyes staring right at my person “We're here!” she stated. “Al
:iconprincessunikitty2468:princessunikitty2468 3 3
Pt 1:Life is short, So am I (g/t)
   I woke up to the sound of my blaring alarm clock. The time read 6:00 AM 'perfect' i thought sarcastically to myself. That will give me just the right amount of time i need to get ready for when the bus arrives at 7:10 AM and my best friend and neighbor Lilly comes to walk to the bus stop with me. Still tired and going against my better judgement i layed back down in my bed and start to doze off again. That is until my mother decided to come make sure i was awake. You see i have a very bad habit of going back to sleep after my alarm goes off; basically i am NOT a morning person; especially when it's a Monday. ''Caroline!'' she shouts "time for you to get up'' as she's yelling at me, she turns on the light in my room and walks over to my bed on my nightstand across my room. She pinches my only source of warmth between pointer finger and thumb. Giving a slight tug she pries it loose from my hands. I give a loud hiss in response being temporarily blinded by the bright floresce
:iconprincessunikitty2468:princessunikitty2468 7 8


Daddy Issues GT
I gasped as my father pushed me hard against the wall, his forearm pushing against my throat. I whimpered, clawing at his arm, tears pooled in my eyes, "What the hell is wrong with you?" He screamed.
I choked out a sob, leaning away from him. I had snuck into the food stash, I couldn't help it. It felt like my stomach was eating itself. "I-I'm s-sorry. Please, father-" I whimpered, tears freely streaming down my cheeks.
My father cut me off with a harsh slap, "You are no son of mine," He growled, I didn't look at him, I just sobbed harder, "You're nothing but a disappointment, a little bitch." I didn't disagree.
He grabbed me by my collar making me squeak in alarm, trying to squirm free. He opened the door that lead out of the walls, I gasped struggling more. My father easily threw my petite form out of the door, I winced as I landed on my side. I quickly regained my senses and made a break for the door only to have it slammed in my face.
I clawed at the door desperate to get in, I nee
:iconyouarecool10:YouAreCool10 8 4
Kiss and Tell
"Good… n-night?"
Jon perked up, eyes drawn to the tiny, unsure voice that came from beside his laptop. Sylvia stood there, threading her fingers. She pursed her lips, giving Jon a questioning raise of her eyebrows.
"You're getting better," he remarked, pulling his hand away from the keyboard.
Recognizing his words as praise, she bounced on her feet and let out a small whoop of triumph that made a grin spread across Jon's face. Try as he might, he could never ignore the fluttering in his chest when she beamed at him. Her excitement from retaining words was contagious.
"Jon," she said, crossing her arms expectantly and strolling directly between him and his laptop.
"Uh…" He hesitated, then stammered out the Fae words that bade her goodnight. Considering she smirked rather than collapsing into a fit of laughter, he was improving. She gave him a thumbs up, sending another disarming smile his way.
Barely a few weeks, and she was picking up English words and human gestures faster
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 22 24
Hybrid, Voltron G/t
Being a paladin of Voltron was hard. Being a Galra-human-hybrid paladin of Voltron was even harder. So many things happened in a hybrid of two very different species. It left Keith wondering if he was able to have children. Not that that was of immediate concern, but he wanted the option somewhere down the line. Although he wondered if any woman would want him since there was no telling what kind of children he would sire. He sighed and rested against the cavern wall as his thoughts drifted to his fellow paladins.
They had been doing a training exercise on some remote planet when he had been seized by excruciating pain. He had lost himself in his screams and Red's roaring in his mind. The lion had known something was wrong and immediately ejected his pilot. The small craft had dropped to the surface beneath the thick layer of cloud cover. It had crashed landed, completely out of control. Blindly, Keith had pushed himself out of the craft, tumbling to the sandy ground. He was still scre
:iconcoalwhite:coalwhite 16 5
An Extra Roommate ~ 1
Lily's eyes were half-mast by the time she reached her dorm. Class may have ended early, but she may as well have been a zombie. Shuffling inside, she greeted her roommates half-heartedly. As usual, there was a huge mess in the kitchen and the common living area, but she decided to wait until morning to gripe about it. For now, hitting the hay was the only thing on her mind.
Springing for a single bedroom may have hurt her wallet at the beginning of term, but not having to share her personal space definitely paid off. She unlocked her door and shouldered her way inside, flipping on the light and dropping her backpack into a heap on the floor.
It wasn't until she shut the door behind her that she realized someone else was in the room with her.
Lily went absolutely still, as did the four-inch person dangling by a string from her bookshelf.
Aaand, I've lost it, Lily thought matter-of-factly.
On the outside, however, she was anything but matter-of-fact. Her jaw dropped, and she coul
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 19 11
Living Dolls-Chap 1-Heide..
Living Dolls-Chap 1-Heide..
It was difficult to keep my attention on my aide, through all the idle chatter and footsteps that were being projected around me.
As we walked towards the campus where this care area was ensuing, I kept blinking up at her, squinting a bit, trying to piece together what she was saying.
"You'll have to get used to it - it's about that time." Terri said, and her hand tightened a bit on mine. I could feel it shaking, and I was tempted to ask why. "We've been going over it for months now. Think you could do it?" She flashed me a smile, and I again noted the tightening of her grip.
"Of course!" I nodded with a beam, bouncing a bit on my steps. "You know, the other day, I played duck duck goose with the other kids."
"I know that." Her smile softened, "And you were so good."
"Will there be duck duck goose here?"
"Maybe. Try being the leader of it!"
We approached the gates, being greeted by a lady with a clipboard. We stopped short once we reached her, and she, flash
:icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 20 16
camera chapter one (g/t)
Rucheer, rucheer!
    I awoke to the evening song of of a bird on the other side of my bedroom wall. It seems my make-shift alarm clock had been a waste of time. I groggily sat up in bed, got dressed, and walked to the living room, where my father was already waiting. Looking up from his cup of coffee, he said:
    “Beth, you must go and get more supplies, we need to stock up on food”
    “But father, I have gotten supplies every day for the past three days. We used to only go borrowing once a week!”
    “I’ve told you this before, we need as much as we can get before the drones come!”
    “Oh, not this again”
    “Flying machines with cameras on them. CAMERAS! We would never be able to hide from them!”
    I rolled my eyes, but realized there was no sense in arguing with him. The old man had had a serious case of paranoia since my mother had di
:icontheyoyowizard:TheYoyoWizard 7 2
Valour and Blood || 1.1
They saw it coming long before it had neared the border. 
Shoulders as wide as a ship pushed through the treetops of a majestic forest that looked more and more miniature as the titan approached. Even the proudest of fir trees couldn't hope to tickle his chin with their top branches. Assuming he had a face at all under that strange helmet of his. It did not gleam like metal from a distance, but there was no doubt in anyone's mind that it was just as sturdy. It was hard to gaze upon such a thing and not feel a sense of absolute, unavoidable doom. 
"Get away from the window, you fools."  
Rionny, the king's advisor, was quick to disperse the crowds and slam the shutters shut. Members of various noble families and court guests, they were all dressed in their finest clothing. A Handoff was such a rare occurrence, no one dared to miss the event. At least, not from their protective seats in the border's reinforced tower. 
Rionny whirled, grand ivory cape flowing as he rou
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 39 13
Sparks - A Teaser
The boy flew as fast as he could. Summoning up enough wind to tear the leaves off the trees as they flew by. He glanced behind him and frowned. He didn’t see anyone pursuing him anymore. He turned back forward and cried out just as he ran into a spider’s web.
Most spider webs wouldn’t have caused Blake a problem. He was much smaller than the humans which seemed to take most of the world, but he was still big enough that usually he didn’t worry about something like a spider web. Unfortunately, this one apparently wanted to prove him wrong.
He flew right into its strands, and nearly punched through. But then the spider web snapped back, and Blake started thrashing. That was of course the exact opposite of what he should have done. Soon his arms and legs were so tangled that he could only barely move at all.
“No!” Blake cried out. He stopped himself and focused his mind. He summoned up the wind again, this time making it sharper, like a blade. He used h
:iconfirenze11:Firenze11 10 18
Worst first impression - chapter 1 - Micah
"No, don’t touch me!”
“Let… GO of me!" I shouted as I tried to twist my arm out of the harsh grip enforced upon me. Feeling how my lower arm grew numb by the pressure, it made me all too aware of how little I could do about my current situation. But nevertheless, I could not resist a fight as it became my only option.
I fought against the tight grip to the edge of my ability. But honestly, I already knew that it was impossible for me to escape this man. The more I struggled, the harder the middle aged guard kept hold of my upper arm, as he tried to enforce his will upon me. To make me a little more obedient and manageable for himself.
He struggled with me alone, trying to tell me with his hoarse voice to calm down. Only to see me turn over into panic, and to desperately cry out over the crowded marketplace for help.
The people who passed us by though, only kept their silence and continued to walk, right past us. Without even turning back to watch the little scen
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 44 23
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 1
Something was different today.
I could feel it welling up in my bones.
I was staring out from our sunroom at the edge of the house facing the backyard, the walls entirely made up of windows, and that's when I felt it. This stirring in my ribs, all this built up energy that was pushing me towards....the woods.
Why the woods? I had never traveled back there...well not completely. When I was younger my little 5 year old feet had managed to crawl themselves over the fence in a spur of exploration, only to be stopped by my dads arms before my legs had hit the ground.
"You can never go back there, Rose." He had told me.
"It's forbidden property. You wouldn't want to get yelled at by the neighbors, would you?"
My chubby toddler cheeks quickly nodded, terrified of the mysterious neighbors my dad had always told me about above the hill next to us that owned those woods. He smiled with relief, pushing blonde hair away from my eyes.
I had never met them, and I never really wanted too.
But here I
:iconhoshirozu:hoshirozu 60 30
Living Dolls-Prologue..
Living Dolls-Prologue..
Never had I thought, not even in my wildest dreams, that I'd be able to morph and turn this strange wish of mine to be granted. But yet, it was.
That machine - I always thought it was a joke, some failure of another invention that would go test and test and test and still fail. And though in the back of my head, it intrigued me and scared me a bit, those thoughts of failure kept pushing them away.
So when I saw it, in action, I felt the wave of wishes and memories and desires come right at me, harsh and blind blowing. I was barely able to listen to the voices as they kept explaining, all I was able to do was stare. Stare at the finals products, still experiencing the rush of feelings I was barely able to comprehend all at once.
Going between the conversations between the inventors and my parents, and even those two talking more about the future testing - while still drowning in the tiding waves - it came so easily.
Those peculiar wishes I've always had - they ca
:icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 10 1
432 days Short Story
Part 1
I crossed off another day on the calendar. Day four hundred and thirty two now was diagonally cut in two by the harsh, red mark of my pen. I don't even know why I bothered to keep track of the days anymore. I guess it was just another thing to do to keep myself occupied, although the result was hardly beneficial to my goals. Keeping track of the time my parents had been gone and the number of days that held my lonely existence was hardly the plan I had in mind. Still, I felt an odd urge to keep watch, to know that I was still attached to this earth somehow or else I might mistake that I was now dreaming, or dead as well. At very least my parents had made it until I was 22 yrs old and capable of taking care of myself. It made me happy, although somewhat bitterly, that it was the one, tiny piece of solace they could find at the time of their deaths. My memories began to trail down painful roads, and I immediately shut off all thought. No, I would not go there. Not again.
So, I now
:iconmisu-pahana:Misu-pahana 78 10
Blind Dates ch 1
Blind Dates
Chapter 1- Impressions.
Rosie's POV
Coming home today was hard. Dad was drunk and holding some papers in his hand, staggering toward me. "I signed you up fer dis paper thing Ah got from the mail.. Hic!"
"Aah..?" I stammered out, furrowing my eyebrows together in confusion.
"Aaan Imah drive ya down… therr." He slurred out between drunken hiccups. I waved my hands nervously.
"Ahh, no, dad, its fine.. I can drive myself." I explained to him nervously. The alcoholic breath was enough to clear anyone out of a room anyways. "Where is it?"
"Ermm…" He grumbled out, staggering into the couch with a grunt; he squinted to look at the papers, "Downtown, kinn'a by a foresss…t." He mumbled, holding the paper near him. "Ey! Don' take mah car. I bit my lip and nodded, staring at him in confusion. He was glancing around and suddenly picked up a bottle, aiming it at me a few times.
"Dad..?" I asked cautiously, backing up.
"Ah'm serious, get goin!" In his drunken rant, I manage
:iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 64 26
Nellie O'Nine and the Giants
Nellie sat down in a chair as she waited to board the Transporter, a sort of ship that can travel between the Giants world, Retsnom, and Earth.
Only a few people were in the loading area with her. An old man probably in his 60's was reading a book a few seats from her. and the other two appeared to be a couple they were talking quietly amongst themselves laughing and smiling as there conversation became interesting.
She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. She'd been to Retsnom many times and she knew the giants were very friendly creatures. But this would be the first time she'd be going without her parents. And this time. . . she wouldn't be coming back.
after their deaths she moved in with her aunt Claire and her family. All 10 of them not including her aunt and her husband Steve. It was complete chaos to say the least. And since she was an only child growing up she was completely overwhelmed. she hadn't even been able to make it to the one month anneversiry of her parents
:iconbreathesleepwrite:breathesleepwrite 37 6
Borrowertale by Friendlyfoxpal Borrowertale :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 158 103
Life of Bea - Chapter 1
Humans hate giants. It’s in our blood, as humans, to be scared of people hundreds of feet tall that us, right? So it’s not completely irrational.
Giants have been on earth easily 50 years before I was born and from what the books say, they saved us from ruin. Wars were tearing the earth apart and nuke threats were being delivered daily. The giant’s saw this and decided to ‘help’. Apparently their idea of helping a civilization was to enslave it. The giant’s came and took over our societies, our government, our free will. Giants would periodically come to earth, round up as many humans as possible and take them back to their home planet and distribute us into pet shelters to be adopted out. Humans were no longer people, they were pets, an accessory, ‘companions’. And that is why I hate giants. Those of us who have not yet been taken have to spend our lives hiding, hoping that we won’t be found. Their ships come every 6 months with te
:iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 33 15



Here's an interesting video i found on You Tube called "Singles" it has Gt in it so that's cool and its made by Rebecca sugar so that's a bonus

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“Ok class now that tomorrow marks the start of summer vacation I have one assignment for you all to turn into me after the break.” Our teacher Mrs.Weathergrove informed us

A symphony of groans could be heard from the classroom full of teenagers.

“I do not want to hear any of your bellyaching now there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is...that you will be working with a partner.”

I guess that makes it a little bit better.

So of course I turn to my best friend Tia. “Tia wanna be partners?” I whisper over to her even though I don't need to since our teacher is a giant and could never hear our tiny voices especially considering that she is deaf in one ear.

She looks over at me with a smile and replies “Sure!” I grin back at her satisfied with her answer and turn my attention back to Mrs.Weathergrove.

“The bad news is that I'm assigning partners. Well, I guess that's not really bad news per say. I think that I'm mildly good at choosing partners for you all.”

Not true! Not true at all! Mrs.Weathergrove is a terrible partner picker plus she likes our partners to be co-Ed as in a giant-human partnership! The last time she picked partners for a project I was with repulsive Reed! Ya that's right our whole school has a nickname for him. Every time he would pick me up to work on the project at his house his hands would be covered in sweat that smelled like sewer water! Don't get me started on his breath! Disgusting! Does he even know what soap is?

“You will be filming an informational documentary on the relationship and coexistence between giants and humans while answering the questions such as: how did giants and humans first come to meet on this planet?, how have both of our species lives improved from this meeting?, how is racism alive in our community today? ect.”

“Great. Just great Tia.” I complained

“What's wrong Ryon?” She asked me with sincere concern

Tia is one of those people who will get along with anyone since she really is just a genuinely nice person. I'm lucky to have her as my best friend.

“You know how Mrs.Weathergrove is horrible at choosing partners. What if I get stuck with someone bad like last time?!?!”

“I'm sure you won't Ry” she smiles reassuringly

“Ya you're probably right just so long as I'm not stuck with Jake. Ugh I get shivers just saying his name.”

Jake is one of those boys that you make it your business to stay out of his. You must steer clear of him at all cost, you can observe him from afar but no closer than 10 feet away at all times. He is one of the hottest people you will ever have the joy of seeing but do not approach EVER.

“Ok class when I call your names find your partner and sit by them. First off we have Ally and Tia

“Dang T I'm jealous.” I told her with a smirk

She giggled in response

I looked up to see Ally already sitting at the table our desks were on.

“Hey Ally” Tia beamed

“Hey” she smiled back she then turned to me and gave a small wave. I just nodded in acknowledgment.

“Next we have
Cameron and Nick
Rachel and Elle
Josh and Tyler”

yada, yada, yada

“And last but not least Ryan and Jake”

There isn't a mask that could match the look of horror on my face.

No no no this can't be happening! Please anyone else but him!

I could see him slide his chair and start walking towards me...smirking. I look over to Tia and Ally with a pleading look in my eyes begging them to do something, anything but all I got in response was a look of pity.

That's it, I'm giving up on life. I wonder if I'll break my leg if I jump off this table then I wouldn't have to participate in this stupid project. Wait, no Mrs.Weathergrove wouldn't take that as an excuse. Oh I know I'll run away just for the summer maybe to Canada or Fiji wait Hawi…


I let out a soft squeak so quiet only I could hear it. I could feel Jake's gigantic presence behind me but just so I got the message he placed both his arms on either side of my desk sitting on top of the table. I didn't dare turn around knowing what I would see… a perfect tanned face, perfect dark brown hair, perfect…everything.

“The bell is going to ring in five minutes so I want you to use this time to get acquainted with your partners.” Our teacher bellowed

Oh god, maybe if I pretend like he isn't there he’l will go away.

Ya Ryan that will totally work and while you're at it get me a scratch ticket I'm feeling lucky.

Do you have a better idea?

Oh I don't know maybe talk to him?


Slowly I push out my chair, stand up, turn it so it's facing him, and sit down.

It's ok Ryan you can do this just look up at him and say hi.

letting out a shaky breath I start to tilt my head up until I meet a pair of sky blue eyes staring down at me expectantly.

“Hi” I say proud of myself for not having a shaky voice

“Hey” he replies coolly “so we're going over to my house as soon as school's over”

“Sure let me just let my parents know” I continue while pulling out my phone.

The truth is my parents don't care where I am they could care less but when I am home they take out all of the day's frustrations on me. Some days are worse than others on one of the worse days my father broke a glass bottle and used the biggest shard to slice a huge gash running from the side of my neck down to the middle of my forearm. On that night I knew the only person I could go to was Tia. So she cleaned me up and now whenever I need a place to escape to her house is basically my safe haven.

OH MY GOD did he seriously invite me over to his house? Does that mean i get to be alone with him (insert fangirl sigh here)  

Woah, wait, no this is the guy you are supposed to be steering clear of! Also he never even asked if you wanted to go to his house! What if this is a trap?!??

Relax! I'm sure everything will be fine. Probably.

I look back up at Jake and see that he is still staring at me.

“What?” I asked a slight blush creeping on my face

“Sorry it's just… Not everyday you see someone as small as you” Jake chuckled

“As small as me? Are you serious? Unless you have never seen a human before I think you have seen someone as small as me.” I retorted

Who does this guy think he is? A giant Calling a human small! He's an idiot.


“Remember to grab a sheet on your way out class! It has all the information you have to have in your video!” Mrs.Weathergrove shouts over the bustling of sleep deprived teenagers.

Before Ryon knew what was happening Jake had snaked his fingers around her waist and lifted her up to his face.

“W..WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?” Ryon screamed from the top of her lungs

“What's the problem short stack?” Jake asked with fake innocence as he began walking towards the door

“The problem is you can't pick up someone without their consent dumbass!” She replied fuming

Jake just looked at her with interest. Never had he met such a cocky girl and a human girl at that. Aren't humans supposed to fear giants? Yet she had just openly yelled at him showing nothing but anger in those pretty aquamarine eyes of hers.

“Are you sure you want to be yelling at someone 20 times your size? Someone who could easily hurt you without so much as breaking a sweat sweetheart?” He smirked

“Don't call me sweetheart” Ryan spat

Jack just grinned

Grabbing a piece of paper from the teacher He waved a last goodbye to Mrs.Weathergrove with his free hand and walked out the door.
I'm actually really proud of this first chapter! I promise more are coming I just have to get my butt in gear!


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This is probably going to be just a g/t account but I'm thinking of taking request for other stuff


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